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Anyone can build you a house. We take great pride in building something for your life— and your lifestyle. Starwood Homes expertly constructs a home where you want to live, grow, and experience the joys of life. From the moment you contact us to long after we have left your property, we dedicate our skill and experience to crafting a home of good memories for each and every customer. Our in-depth focus on you- your wants, your needs, and the details of your project– is what makes Starwood Homes a more enjoyable home building experience than any other homebuilder can offer.

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What do you want from your home? A quiet retreat? A place to entertain?

Starwood Homes are built to give you more. Our designs combine the greatest elements of classic and modern styles to create timeless homes where you can live, thrive, and grow just the way you want.. We offer a wide range of finishes,detail options, modern appliances, and amenities.

Whether you want a stunning patio or balcony for an evening glass of wine or a game room for family night, Starwood Homes offers spaces for all kinds of activity.  

Design the home you love, fluidly, without the hassle.


When disaster strikes, the damage to your home can make you feel like everything’s falling apart. Starwood Homes will always be in your corner to restore your home to the way it was or upgrade it so it is better than it was before. We bring expert knowhow, attention to detail, and thoughtful design to your renovation project.

Even under normal conditions, your older home can always be improved. When it’s finally time to make that major remodel you’ve wanted for years, from upgrading flooring and countertops to replacing sheetrock worn from a life well-lived, our homebuilding experience makes your dreams a reality.


Times have changed since you bought your home, and it no longer fits the way you live. At Starwood Homes, we can save the space you love. Don’t let your life be uprooted from the community you’ve known for so long. Let us upgrade your home with convenient accommodations that make today’s lifestyle complete.


Ready to build the home of your dreams? Starwood Homes is here to help. From the initial blueprint to the moment you walk through the door, our team works tirelessly to customize a place you will love. Current homeowners that are looking for higher quality, a timeless design, or simply an upgrade from your existing home can count on us to discover and deliver what you want.


Ready to walk through the door of your beautiful new home? Contact us today to get started.